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Coronavirus and York Gates

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Hi everyone, Pete here, just a quick update regarding the virus. Leah and myself, all things considered are quite lucky as we work by ourselves. So we should be able to continue with our work reasonably well.
Most of the time Leah and myself are in the workshop by ourselves. The odd delivery we get can be left at the door so we don't need to have contact with callers.
Fitting items and working on site will be fine as long as we keep our distance from any customers while at their houses fitting.
We can still call at properties to measure and quote for any gates, railings, handrails etc. We think it's sensible not to shake hands and just keep a bit of distance between ourselves and anyone who we have called to see.
We will be acting on any official advice, but we see no reason why York Gates can not continue to trade, unless one of us actually catches the virus, then I imagine we will be laid up in bed for a good few days while it clears up.
So unless you hear different, presume we are trading as normal, bearing in mind the above points.
Thanks for your support.
Pete and Leah.

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